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AC/DC Tickets - AC/DC Return - AC/DC Tour 2023 -AC/DC Concerts - All AC/DC fans around the world dream of a new AC/DC tour in 2023.

AC/DC have announced that they will perform live again for the first time since 2016. As part of the Power Trip Festival, they will finally be on stage together again. This raises the hopes of many fans that AC/DC will soon perform again in Europe.

Here you can find all information about a potential future AC/DC Tour 2023.

The new AC/DC album is titled "Power-UP" and was released on 13 November 2020. This AC/DC album also reached number 1 in the charts almost everywhere in the world.
AC/DC announced a reunion with singer Brian Johnson, bassist Cliff Williams and drummer Phil Rudd on 1 October. There is supposed to be a tour in 2021 or 2022, but it has not yet been officially confirmed. But the fans are sure: AC/DC are coming!
AC/DC have been one of the most successful bands in the world since 1973. Their album "Back in Black" is the second most successful album in the world with 44 million copies sold.

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