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Adele Munich Tickets 2024 - Adele Tour 2024 - Adele Concerts 2024

Adele tickets for the Adele Germany concerts 2024 in Munich. Get your Adele tickets for Munich at ticketbande now!

Adele is coming to Germany in August 2024 for exclusive concerts! A dream come true for many fans. The exceptional artist has not played any concerts in Europe since 2016. Now Adele will return to European soil for ten exclusive concerts. The British world star has now announced all ten dates for Munich. An open air area will be created on the exhibition grounds for the Adele concerts.

The dates for the Adele concerts 2024 Germany:

02 August 2024 Munich, Messe
03 August 2024 Munich, Messe
10 August 2024 Munich, Messe
14 August 2024 Munich, Messe
16 August 2024 Munich, Messe
23 August 2024 Munich, Messe
24 August 2024 Munich, Messe
30 August 2024 Munich, Messe
31 August 2024 Munich, Messe

The award-winning British singer has taken the music world by storm with her unique voice. After a long break since the release of her last album "30", her fans have been longing to see her live on stage again. Now the time will finally come in 2024 - secure your Adele tickets now at ticketbande and experience the artist live in Munich in 2024! Adele - the absolute exceptional talent of the 21st century! The humorous, down-to-earth singer with a unique voice that fills entire halls. Many mega stars manage to bring stadiums and halls around the world to boiling point, but only Adele manages to silence the biggest arenas in the world. Her music touches you from the very first second and combines melancholic goosebump moments with the joyful highlights of pop music in a stunning way. However, an Adele concert is not just about experiencing the singer's great music live, but also getting an insight into her life. Between her songs, she likes to tell her audience private stories - every fan really gets their money's worth here.
Adele released her first album "19" in 2008, which hit the UK like a bomb.
The second Adele album "21", which Adele released in 2011, made Adele a superstar. It has sold over 5 million copies in the UK, making it the best-selling album of the 21st century to date. In 2012, Adele was given the great honour of singing the Bond song. "Skyfall" was a mega hit that even won an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a Grammy for Best Film Song. Adele then released her long-awaited third album "25" in 2015. The first single "Hello" was a huge success in over 20 countries. 2021 saw the release of "30", Adele's fourth album, which includes the hit "Easy On Me".
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