Peter Gabriel Tickets
Peter Gabriel Tickets

Peter Gabriel Tickets

Peter Gabriel tickets for the "i/o" tour 2023. Get tickets for all shows!

After almost a decade, we can finally look forward to Peter Gabriel concerts in Europe again in 2023! The tour schedule includes Germany, Poland, Italy, Denmark, Nowegen, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. Peter Gabriel will then continue his tour in the USA. The singer will bring his new album with him, the release date of which is not yet known. So fans can look forward not only to old hits from his 40-year music career - such as "Steam", "San Jacinto" or "Solsbury Hill" - but also to new tracks.

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In 1975, Peter Gabriel left Genesis and started a successful solo career. To date, the 72-year-old has released eleven studio albums. Peter Gabriel is a 22-time platinum and multiple Grammy award winner. In 2014, the singer was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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