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U2 Tickets - U2 Tour 2023
The rumours about a new U2 album and a tour in 2023 seem to be growing. Employees of the band are said to have already been informed to keep the summer of 2023 free.
Bono and "The Edge" just played a surprise concert in an underground station used as a bomb shelter in Kiev, where they performed together with a Ukrainian musician.
The band around frontman Bono is ranked 22nd in the 100 greatest musicians of all time, they have already sold over 170 million records worldwide and are without doubt one of the most important bands in rock history. Fans are eagerly awaiting U2's announcement of a new tour for 2023.
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The band members lead singer Bono (Paul David Hewson),guitarist The Edge (David Howell Evans),bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen junior don't just play U2 concerts, they deliver a mega show every time. The highlight of the last U2 concerts of the "Joshua Tree Tour" was the huge high-resolution LED screen that continuously played videos.

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